I retired at 26.

John Urschel Img culled from the Ravens site. 
“. . .I retired at 26!” John Urschel at 26 years old is retiring from the NFL! I had to imagine what he will tell his children.
I don’t watch the NFL but his story caught my attention; like I can’t keep calm. See my mate is already retiring at the height of his game, and I am here still being counted as an unemployed statistics?
Well, I don’t know what sleepless nights he had so I can’t say that I am angry, far be it from me to be angry. Like I am impressed, I don’t know the man but he has my respects already and I am going to Google him and read about him now.
The former Baltimore Ravens player, retired from the game to follow another passion, his PhD in mathematics at MIT.
If I tell people in Nigeria that they can do both sports and school, they will look at me like a mad maniac.
I wish John Urschel all the happiness in his future endeavors and if I weren’t already 26 and definitely not a maths prodigy, I would have said “John, I want to be like you when I grow up.”
Oh, and from this I also learnt that I can love more than 1 thing and I can do them all.
Don’t mind me, I used to tell my father what I learnt after Sunday school.
Have a wonderful weekend.
If you’re not thinking of retiring at 26, start thinking about it.

5 thoughts on “I retired at 26.”

  1. Smiles…. retire young, retire rich. Am impress Ndam but our reality in this part of the universe is abnormer and the veil has to be raised.

    1. You are right bro, our reality this side of the world is a bit different. There is still hope for us to make it in record time.

  2. Lol. I am certainly NOT retiring at 26. I would be bored to death. I love working! even if I get richer than Godknowswho,I wud keep working. maybe till 46, maybe. but it’s good he’s chasing something else to keep busy. big ups to him,he try.

  3. Hehehehehhe who would have thought that you could be such a workaholic? With all the play play that you like?

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