Morning and Work

​Waking up in the morning is usually tough business for me, considering that I just woke up from a near death experience, and I can’t take any consolation in knowing what happened within that time frame. If I need a reason to pray, it’s the sole reason I do mine in the morning.

I used to go jogging after prayers, emphasis on the “used to” don’t ask me why I stopped. But It had to do with the finding of the body of a dead jogger some years ago and I can’t really say if that’s the reason or it’s the Jos weather that made me lazy. Look, cold silver droplets of rain has been threatening the skies.

Anyways, I am not a morning person. I drink tea to start my day, yet I am permanently exhausted. I scroll through Twitter and Instagram like devotion, post “Happy Birthday” messages on Facebook because I detest “HBD’s” and I don’t run even if I am running late.

Mornings are for quiet, peace and coffee

I don’t get how some people wake up all “good morning” and stuff, don’t you want to know what happened in between? Are you not a bit curious?

Oh well, that’s just me. My mornings are taken care of by silhouettes, imaginations and wishful thinking. I strive to appear full of life when I go to work.

If you’re a permanently exhausted person in the morning, try drinking water you might be dehydrated. Heaven knows why that doesn’t work for me.

I have to insist that you take your breakfast even if you are running late. I am sure you have read the story about the indispensable worker who got afflicted with ulcer and died; and someone else took his post. You haven’t? Well too bad, I had an awesome English teacher.

I don’t like you much if you wake up all chirpy and excited in the morning. Don’t mind me, I am a hater and I have no excuse except that you’re a better person than I am.

This is just me wishing you a wonderful day ahead in my own little way.

May the rains pour in their season. May our reasons for not wanting to go to work on a Friday like this come to pass! May we grab the umbrella stationed behind the door and dash out into the rain to do that which makes us happy. I hope you don’t forget your umbrella in the commercial vehicle as I was so fun of doing.
Thank God It’s Raining?
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